China factory directly supply plastic laundry trolley/linen cart for cloth storage with higher quality and lower price

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China factory directly supply plastic laundry trolley/linen cart for cloth storage with higher quality and lower price

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Pono 9008

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China factory directly supply plastic laundry trolley/linen cart for cloth storage with higher quality and lower price


Material   Virgin Polyethylene(PE)
Size   1050(L)x700(W)x820(L)mm
Usage   laundry center,hospital,school, hotel etc
Caster   Four of 5 inch strong casters, two fixed and two swivel.
OEM&ODM   Available
Caster Size   127mm
Craft   Rotational molding
Color   Yellow, Blue or as per customers’ requirement
Net weight   22kg
Load capacity   300kg
Capacity   450L

Laundry management plan
(1) Daily management standard
Wash, dry, iron and distribute diapers, bed sheets, bedclothes and curtains of children in the hospital, do routine cleaning and maintenance of laundry equipment, and sew and repair damaged and off-line clothes.
Service quality standard:
(1) Laundrymen are trained and assessed to take up their posts
(2) Establish strict laundry management system, post responsibility system and washing system
(3) Formulate the operation process of washing machine, dryer and ironing machine to ensure reasonable use
(4) Cooperate with the maintenance unit in weekly, monthly and annual maintenance, detection and maintenance of equipment to maintain normal operation.
(5) Complete the washing and ironing work according to the quality and quantity.
The specific requirements are:
Washing and ironing clothes shall meet the following requirements:
① The clothes shall be cleaned and free of any stain residue (the stains that cannot be completely removed shall be specially noted when receiving the clothes);
② Ironing shall be smooth, neat, clear and free of Aurora and water marks according to the requirements of clothing category; No deformation, discoloration, cross color, decolorization, fabric hardening, fuzzing, scratching and damage caused by washing;
③ The cleaned clothes shall be free of residual odor; Button ornaments shall be kept intact; Clothes that are not suitable for folding shall not be folded and transported, and clothes hangers shall be used;
④ Clean and dried clothes, diapers, bed sheets, etc. shall be stacked neatly according to the classification of signs, summarized into special turnover boxes according to children’s living and activity units, and then returned to the team to ensure daily use needs.
⑤ Strive to maintain the fabric with the best process and materials to extend its service life. Do not use any washing materials harmful to human health
Laundry management system:
① Be responsible for the washing, drying and ironing of all kinds of bedding, towel sheets and clothing required by the unit for law enforcement duty and duty preparation It is strictly prohibited to wash, dry and iron personal clothes, towels and clothes.
② Do a good job of receiving washing materials, cut materials according to the quantity, save materials, water and electricity, do a good job of daily cleaning, and keep the laundry clean and tidy
③ Complete the registration, receipt and delivery procedures, receive and send the quilt clothes, count and sign on their faces, and mark the damaged quilt clothes to prevent errors, omissions and losses
④ Strictly abide by the operating procedures and classified washing system, and separate the bedding from the clothing, and separate the colored from the colorless.
⑤ Employees shall be familiar with the performance of various equipment, strictly implement the operating procedures, take good care of mechanical equipment, conduct regular maintenance, and do not overload or idle, so as to ensure the quality of laundry and prevent accidents. If the washing machine breaks down, it shall be reported to the management personnel in time.
⑥ Keep the laundry clean and tidy, and do not smoke, eat or litter in the laundry; The user shall be responsible for closing the doors, windows, water and electrical appliances after use, and shall not be careless.
① The cleaned and unwashed bedclothes shall be placed separately, and two windows shall be set for recycling contaminated bedclothes and distributing clean bedclothes.
② For seriously polluted clothing, soak it in chemical disinfectant solution for two hours after taking it back, and then wash it.
③ Keep the working environment clean and tidy, and disinfect the room frequently. The unwashed bedclothes shall be placed together, and shall not be thrown or placed anywhere.
④ The hands of employees shall be cleaned and disinfected after each work. The workers who recycle the dirty clothes must wear work shoes and masks. Ventilate and disinfect the room frequently.
⑤ Washing powder, detergent and disinfectant shall be placed in order to avoid taking and using by mistake
⑥ Work clothes should be disinfected and cleaned. It is forbidden to use industrial washing machines to wash underwear, underwear, socks, etc. Washing machines should be disinfected regularly.
⑦ After washing, clean the work clothes and put them on the clothes rack. At night, turn on the ultraviolet lamp to sterilize.
⑧ Pay attention to avoid corroding the ground and wall when using disinfectant.
Washing quality standard:
① Before washing, check the cuffs, collars and other places of clothes that are easy to get dirty, and spray detergent. In particular, diapers and clothes stained with feces must be brushed and washed first, and then washed according to the procedure
② After 10 ~ 15 minutes, select the correct detergent according to different types of clothes and put it into the washing machine for washing. The weight of the clothes should match the capacity of the machine
③ Accurately master the water temperature and washing time. Dark and mottled clothes should be washed in water temperature below 35 ℃ for about 10 minutes; White clothes should be washed in a water temperature below 60 ℃, preferably for more than 10 minutes.
④ Dry the washed clothes and control the drying temperature below 60 ℃.
Other instructions:
The cost of washing powder, disinfectant and other consumables is included in the property fee. Water and electricity shall be provided by the purchaser The water and electricity in the laundry room are only used to wash the purchaser’s goods. If it is found that the public goods that are not the purchaser are washed privately, RMB 100 will be deducted for each discovery. After three cumulative discoveries, the purchaser has the right to terminate all the purchase contracts in accordance with legal procedures.
About 600 kilograms of clothes, diapers and bedding are washed in the laundry room every day
(2) Daily management measures
1. Laundry service management measures 1. Laundry staff should always establish the employee-oriented concept, actively work hard to improve service quality and create high-quality service.
2. Treat people politely and kindly, serve actively and warmly, do not quarrel with employees or others, and do not conceal accidents and personal mistakes
3. Formulate the internal rules and regulations, work flow, washing, ironing and other quality standards of the laundry room. 4. Before receiving the clothes, check whether the clothes are complete and damaged, and count the clothes according to the number, which is required to be accurate.
5. Work in strict accordance with work procedures and standards to ensure the quality of laundry and ironing, and ensure that clothes are completed and returned on time. If the employee reflects that the washing is not clean and the situation is true, the employee has the right to reject the washed articles. Try to avoid accidents. In case of human error, assume the responsibility.
6. Be familiar with the use of various machines and equipment, operate the machine according to the regulations to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment Carefully clean and maintain the machinery and equipment, and keep the working area clean and tidy.
7. Check the operation of the machine at any time during work, and report the fault for repair. Do not leave the post during the operation of the machine.
8. Make preparations every day and start, operate and shut down the equipment according to the working procedures.
9. Apply for necessary goods, control use and enhance cost awareness Keep production records and daily work records
10. Keep in touch with the logistics management center at any time, accept requirements, and listen to opinions and suggestions.
2. Laundry procedures 1. Collection procedures
(1) The collection time shall be before 5:00 p.m. every day. The specific time shall be arranged according to the time of the leader and staff of the entrusting party (2) Check ① check whether the number of pieces in the laundry bag is consistent with the laundry list, and mark the color on the laundry list with a red pen (if there is any error, report to the relevant personnel)
② Note the characteristics and colors of special clothes on the laundry list.
③ Pay attention to whether the pockets, buttons, materials, etc. are defective, dyed or buttons fall off. If yes, immediately report to the relevant competent leaders.
(3) Marking ① the laundry staff shall mark each piece of clothing respectively, and the numbering shall be based on the date plus the room number
② When marking, for hemp, cotton and heat-resistant fiber products, the mark shall be made in the neckline, trouser edge or at the visible place in each corner
③ If there are special notes on the laundry list, it shall be marked for identification, such as:
a. Heavy paste: fasten the red safety pin at the visible place at each corner.
b。 Quick cleaning: add colored cloth strips and fasten them with safety pins at easy to see places in all corners
c。 Ironing: use numbered cloth strips and safety pins to pin them in the corner.
④ The same bag of socks with the same color shall be attached with numbered cloth strips and connected together.
⑤ Give the numbered laundry list to the cleaner for cleaning
(4) Classification inspection ① the numbered clothes shall be classified according to color, type, quality and thickness of fiber, such as socks, underwear, shirts and large clothes, and dark or white underwear shall also be separated.
② Then, the separated clothes are classified as washed, dry cleaned or ironed.
③ When sorting, the clothes shall be checked according to the following contents:
a. Those that are easy to fade, decolorize, dark color, oil stain, filth and difficult to clean shall be selected for special treatment.

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    2. What is the warranty for your laundry trolleys?

    2 years not include the wheels, the wheels are one year(not include man-made damage)

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    Plastic laundry trolleys,laundry cage trolleys, insulationbox(can).We can supply the latest designs or customized products.

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