factory direct sale price!!Pono-9008 stable and solid laundry equipment plastic laundry trolley,quality assurance

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factory direct sale price!!Pono-9008 stable and solid laundry equipment plastic laundry trolley,quality assurance

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factory direct sale price!!Pono-9008 stable and solid laundry equipment of plastic laundry trolley,quality assurance


Material   Virgin Polyethylene(PE)
Size   1050(L)x700(W)x820(L)mm
Usage   laundry center,hospital,school, hotel etc
Caster   Four of 5 inch strong casters, two fixed and two swivel.
OEM&ODM   Available
Caster Size   127mm
Craft   Rotational molding
Color   Yellow, Blue or as per customers’ requirement
Net weight   22kg
Load capacity   300kg
Capacity   450L

Laundry management rules and regulations
1. The laundry staff shall implement the day shift operation system, and the working hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. the staff shall be dedicated, enthusiastic and thoughtful, use civilized language, and provide first-class services to employees.
2. The laundry staff shall be familiar with the technical operating procedures, safety operating procedures and other relevant provisions of various equipment in the laundry, prohibit wet hand starting of electrical switches, and do a good job in the regular maintenance and repair of equipment.
3. During the daily work of the laundry room, at least two people shall be on duty. It is strictly forbidden for non staff to operate the laundry equipment. In case of equipment failure or unsafe hidden danger, the equipment shall be shut down immediately and professional maintenance personnel shall be notified in time for maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to handle the failure of the equipment without permission. 4. Employees use the off-duty or next night shift time to send and pick up the cleaned clothes in the laundry room through the receiving and dispatching window. Employees’ clothes shall be marked to avoid loss or wrong pick-up. They shall pick up the clothes in sequence and are not allowed to enter the laundry room. 5. The laundry staff shall carefully fill in the laundry cleaning record, and distribute the cleaned clothes in strict accordance with the record details, so as to maintain a good laundry, receiving and dispatching order. And regularly submit the clothing cleaning record to the workshop for safekeeping. 7. The equipment and articles in the laundry room shall be subject to fixed location management, and the on-site sanitation shall be carried out in strict accordance with the standard of “7S” management, so as to ensure that the articles are placed in order and there is no dead corner in the sanitary cleaning. Strive to be a safe and civilized service window.
Laundry assessment rules and regulations
1. Strictly abide by the safety technical operation procedures of the equipment, correctly use and skillfully master the operation methods of washing machines, dehydrators, dryers and other equipment. If the failure to do so leads to damage and loss of clothes, the staff will be evaluated for 1-5 points. 2. According to the washing capacity of the washing machine, the staff should wash and distribute the received clothes in time, and wash and distribute the clothes in sequence according to the washing records. If they can not be reflected to the workshop, each person will be assessed 2 points each time. If the personal clothes are not marked clearly, resulting in the loss, the laundry staff will not be liable for compensation. 3. No outsiders are allowed to enter the laundry room without permission. No smoking, fighting or engaging in other affairs other than laundry are allowed. The staff will be assessed for 2 points each time. 4. The laundry room must be thoroughly cleaned every day to ensure that the ground is free of garbage and dust; No ponding or sundries on various equipment; Keep the room well ventilated, wipe the glass, windowsill and ceramic tiles regularly, and keep them clean and tidy without dust; If not, 2 points shall be given for each assessment. 5. Special personnel shall be assigned to take charge of all kinds of cleaning tools and supplies in the laundry room. It is forbidden to borrow or waste them. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the relevant indoor laundry facilities are in good condition. If it is not possible to assess the responsible person, 3 points shall be given for each item. Safety operation procedures for XGP series horizontal washing machines
1. After turning on the power switch, jog the switch to make the sliding door of the drum upward, open the sliding door of the drum with both hands, put the clothes to be washed into the bucket, close the sliding door with both hands, make it press the door buckle, and close the outer door; (there is an interlock switch device between the outer door and the machine control circuit. If the outer door is not closed properly, the machine cannot be started.) 2. Inject an appropriate amount of clean water to fully wet the clothes. After 5 minutes of pre washing, open the outer door, pour the low foaming detergent dissolved in the water into the washing machine (it is not necessary to open the roller sliding door), close the outer door, press the run key, jog the output, and start cleaning. 20G detergent is required per kilogram of clothes, and the general washing time is 30 minutes / time. 3. After washing, open the drain valve to drain the sewage. After closing the drain valve, inject clean water for rinsing. The rinsing times are 2-3 times, 10-15 minutes each time;
4. During operation, sundries shall not fall between the washing drum and the shell, and it is strictly prohibited to operate without closing the drum door tightly; 5. Do not directly add detergent, alkali, etc. to the washing products without dissolving. Do not wash the washing machine with water after washing, so as to avoid damage to the electrical parts due to moisture;
6. After the work is completed, drain the accumulated water in the tank and cut off the power supply. 7. The shell of the machine shall be kept clean and often wiped with a fine soft cloth. It is strictly forbidden to wipe the shell with hard objects. Good lubrication shall be maintained. The main and auxiliary bearings of the equipment shall be filled with lubricating oil every six months.
8. Regularly adjust the V-belt of the transmission part of the machine to normal tension to avoid marathon; Regularly tighten the packing box screws of the main and auxiliary shafts evenly to avoid water leakage at the sealing parts of the main shaft. Safety operation procedures for TL series Dehydrators
1. Before use, turn on the power supply for test run. The running direction meets the requirements, without abnormal sound and violent vibration. The operation is normal. After turning off the power supply for one minute, the intermittent braking makes the rotary dehydration drum brake gradually. (Note: no load air flow howling is normal)
2. Check whether the drainage pipeline of the dehydrator is unblocked, place the clothes to be dehydrated evenly in the dehydration drum, keep a certain distance from the dehydrator, turn on the power, dehydrate for 2-3 minutes, and turn off the power. 3. Turn off the power supply for about 1 minute, and then operate the handle intermittently for 3-4 times to gradually brake the rotating dehydration drum. Note: do not brake the drum at once, otherwise accidents may occur.
4. After use, drain the sewage completely, and put an appropriate amount of clean water to wash the dewatering bucket. Be careful not to splash the water on the motor. Wipe the shell frequently with a soft cloth to keep the shell and motor clean and dry, so as to prolong the service life of the machine. 5. Use high-quality lubricating oil to lubricate the bearing parts regularly. The area around the dehydrator shall be kept dry and ventilated.
Safety operation procedures for computer automatic clothes dryer
1. Before starting the machine, check whether the power supply is energized and whether the protective grounding device is intact. The grounding resistance is not greater than 4 ohms.
2. Load the dehydrated clothes according to the capacity of the dryer, close the door, adjust the setting key, set the time and temperature, press the operation key after the setting, the control system enters the operation state, the current level starts to work, and the fan heating operation is carried out at the same time. 3. During operation, the time and temperature of the display are the remaining time and drying temperature of this operation. When the remaining time of the operation time is zero, the system will turn off heating, and the fan will automatically return to the stopped state after 20 minutes of continuous operation. 4. If the time and temperature are not set before pressing the “run” key, the time and temperature set above shall prevail.
5. After the dryer drum stops working, the power supply must be cut off before taking out the clothes. Clean the accumulated dust on the dedusting net twice a shift. Often wipe the surface of the dryer with a soft cloth to keep it clean and free of dust.
Laundry procedures
1. clothes collection procedure
(1) Collection time
Before 5 o’clock in the afternoon every day, the specific time shall be arranged according to the time of the school leaders and students.
(2) Check
① Check whether the number of pieces in the laundry bag is consistent with the laundry list, and mark the color on the laundry list with a red pen (if there is any error, it must be reported to the relevant personnel).
② Note the characteristics and colors of special clothes on the laundry list.
③ Pay attention to whether the pockets, buttons, materials, etc. are defective, dyed or buttons fall off. If yes, immediately report to the relevant competent leaders.
(3) Marking
① The laundry staff shall mark each piece of clothing, and the numbering shall be based on the date plus the dormitory number.
② When marking, for all hemp, cotton and heat-resistant fiber products, the marks shall be made in the neckline, trouser edge or visible places at each corner.
③ If there are special notes on the laundry list, it shall be marked for identification, such as:
a. Heavy paste: fasten the red safety pin at the visible place at each corner.
b. Quick cleaning: add colored cloth strips and fasten them with safety pins at easy to see places in all corners.
c. Ironing: use numbered cloth strips and safety pins to pin them in the corner.
④ The same bag of socks with the same color shall be attached with numbered cloth strips and connected together.
⑤ Give the numbered laundry list to the cleaner for cleaning.
(4) Classification inspection
① The marked clothes shall be classified according to color, type, quality and thickness of fiber, such as socks, underwear, shirts, large clothes and pants, and dark or white underwear and pants shall also be separated.

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    Wuhu Pono Plastics Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and exporting laundry trolleys and insulation box(can).We have own factory and Warehouse located in Anhui city. Welcome to visit our factory.

    2. What is the warranty for your laundry trolleys?

    2 years not include the wheels, the wheels are one year(not include man-made damage)

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    Plastic laundry trolleys,laundry cage trolleys, insulationbox(can).We can supply the latest designs or customized products.

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    At the moment, our main export markets are Southeast Asia,Europe, USA, Mid-East etc.

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