Chinese wholesale high quality plastic linen laundry trolley with four of 6 inch strong casters, two fixed and two swivel

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Chinese wholesale high quality plastic linen laundry trolley with four of 6 inch strong casters, two fixed and two swivel

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Pono 9008

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Chinese wholesale high quality plastic linen laundry trolley with four of 6 inch strong casters, two fixed and two swivel

Material   Virgin Polyethylene(PE)
Size   1050(L)x700(W)x820(L)mm
Usage   laundry center,hospital,school, hotel etc
Caster   Four of 5 inch strong casters, two fixed and two swivel.
OEM&ODM   Available
Caster Size   127mm
Craft   Rotational molding
Color   Yellow, Blue or as per customers’ requirement
Net weight   22kg

Laundry hygiene management system
1、 The accommodation should be equipped with special laundry or social washing service ~ the laundry should be divided into cotton sorting area, cleaning and drying area, ironing and folding area, storage area and distribution area. The processes of sorting, cleaning, drying, repairing, ironing, classification, temporary storage and distribution of cotton fabrics shall be separated from cleaning and pollution to prevent cross pollution.
2、 The indoor cleaning of laundry room shall be divided according to the division of labor of each person, the responsibility area shall be defined, the cleaning shall be carried out before and after work every day, and the outdoor cleaning shall be carried out on duty in turn to once a week. The laundry room shall be clean and tidy, and irrelevant items shall not be stacked. The dirt must be stored in special containers and covered.
3、 Strict operating procedures and classified washing system ~ separation of colored and colorless bedclothes ~ separation of cotton and chemical fiber. The recovered contaminated bedclothes should be disinfected, washed, dried, ironed, folded and placed by category in time to prevent cross infection.
4、 The disinfection work must be managed by a specially assigned person ~ master the relevant disinfection knowledge and disinfection operation methods ~ strictly follow the operating procedures to meet the requirements, and the proportion of disinfectants should be in strict accordance with the operating instructions ~ carefully fill in the disinfection records.
5、 If the public articles need to be washed outside, the washing unit with qualified cleaning and disinfection conditions shall be selected, the delivery and receiving records of articles shall be made, and the cleaning and disinfection records of articles of the washing unit shall be required.

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  • 1.Are you a factory or trading company?
    Wuhu Pono Plastics Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and exporting laundry trolleys and insulation box(can).We have own factory and Warehouse located in Anhui city. Welcome to visit our factory.

    2. What is the warranty for your laundry trolleys?

    2 years not include the wheels, the wheels are one year(not include man-made damage)

    3.What’s your main products?

    Plastic laundry trolleys,laundry cage trolleys, insulationbox(can).We can supply the latest designs or customized products.

    Specializing in the rotational molding items.

    4.What are your MOQ?
    30pcs. If customers order too less, it not cost effective for both of us as need ship by sea. The shipping fees are high.

    5.Do you accept the OEM or Custom Design order?
    Sure. Both are warmly welcomed.

    6.Which country is your main export country?
    At the moment, our main export markets are Southeast Asia,Europe, USA, Mid-East etc.

    7.Where is your loading port?
    Shanghai or Ningbo port, or China main port.

    8.What if I can’t find the information I’m looking for, or what if I want to speak to someone directly?
    1)Start online TM or inquiry, will be in touch within one working day.
    2)Call Customer Service at 86-18755355069(Joanna) without any doubt.

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