Pono quality primacy latest design laundry used cage trolley for washing machine,popular in laundry center

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Pono quality primacy latest design laundry used cage trolley for washing machine,popular in laundry center

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1. Model: Pono8001

2. Size: 1050mm(L)*650mm(W)*1680mm(H)

3. Capacity: 1000L

4. Certification: ISO9001, SGS, CE, ROHS

Product Name
Pono quality primacy latest design laundry used cage trolley for washing machine,popular in laundry center
Virgin Polyethylene(PE)
Yellow, Blue or as per customers’ requirement
Net weight
Load capacity
laundry center,hospital,school, hotel etc

Working system of hospital laundry
1、 Responsible for the washing, disinfection, making, repairing, drying and ironing of all kinds of bedding, towel sheets and recycled gauze in the hospital to ensure the needs of medical treatment and nursing work.
2、 The inventory of new products and washing articles shall be kept in separate accounts, managed by specially assigned personnel, strictly followed the warehousing and warehousing procedures, strictly followed the scrapping procedures, and the new products shall be received from the scrap, so as to achieve the consistency between accounts and materials. The discarded clothing shall be certified and reported to the logistics support section for approval together with the old articles.
3、 Strictly follow the receiving procedures of washing raw materials, cut materials by piece, save materials, water, electricity and steam.
4、 The recovered contaminated bedclothes shall be disinfected, washed, dried, ironed, folded and placed by category in a timely manner, and the supply work shall be done well. Any damaged clothing shall be repaired before distribution. Ensure that the issued bedding is not broken, damp and dirty.
5、 Adhere to the system of receiving and delivering under the lower authority, check the receiving and sending of bedclothes face to face, and handle the receiving and sending documents at any time to prevent errors. The supply of bedclothes shall be sufficient, and there shall be no debit note for the Department.
6、 Strict operating procedures and classified washing system to prevent cross infection. Make sure that the separation clothing is separated from the patient’s clothing, that the women’s and Pediatrics’ clothing is separated from the patients’ clothing in other departments, that the colored and colorless clothing is separated, and that the cotton chemical fiber is separated. 7、 Strengthen the maintenance of washing machinery, and assign responsibility to people. The mechanical operators shall be familiar with the equipment performance and shall not operate under overload or idling. If the machine breaks down, it shall be reported to relevant personnel for maintenance. Ordinary personnel shall not repair at will to prevent accidents.
8、 Responsible for repairing the old quilt and clothing in the hospital, and timely handle the scrapping procedures for the old products that cannot be repaired.
9、 It is not allowed to wash, repair or make quilt clothes privately.
10、 Keep the workshop and workshop clean, and adhere to the pre shift cleaning and weekend cleaning system. Responsibilities of the leader of the hospital laundry room
1、 Under the leadership of the logistics support section, be responsible for the administration and business management of the laundry.
2、 Establish the idea of serving the medical service wholeheartedly, and lead the laundry workers to complete the tasks of washing, disinfection, production, drying, ironing, folding and so on. 3、 Earnestly implement the “laundry work system” and do a good job in receiving and delivering the bedclothes, so as to meet the clinical needs in a timely manner.
4、 Educate the whole class to abide by the rules and regulations of the hospital, strictly implement the operating procedures, and do a good job in safety work to prevent accidents.
5、 Pay close attention to the political business study of the whole class and improve the political business quality of the staff of the whole class.
6、 The washing and dehydration equipment shall be well maintained, and the waste clothing shall be recycled to save water, electricity and detergent.
7、 Master the dosage of the whole hospital, regularly go to the Department for advice to ensure supply and quality.
8、 Complete the temporary tasks assigned by the section chief in time.
Responsibilities of laundry workers in hospital laundry
1、 Complete all tasks on time under the leadership of the laundry monitor.
2、 Strictly implement the rules, regulations and operating procedures of the hospital to ensure the quality of laundry and prevent accidents.
3、 Take good care of the mechanical equipment, maintain the mechanical equipment regularly according to the regulations, and do not overload the operation.
4、 Save water, steam and detergent, and pay attention to protect the clothing from damage during washing.
5、 Implement the disinfection and isolation system for all kinds of clothing to prevent cross contamination.
6、 Do a good job in repairing the old and recycling the dressing. 7、 Strictly follow the procedures for the receipt and delivery of bedclothes to prevent mistakes, omissions and losses.
Laundry sanitation and disinfection system i. cleaning of laundry cleaning area:
Open the window for ventilation once at work, wipe the tables, chairs, worktops and floors with clean water once, and keep them clean. Close the doors and windows when off duty to reduce dust and sand.
2、 Cleaning and disinfection of contaminated areas in laundry:
Open the windows and keep good ventilation at work, and mop the ground in the polluted area with 0.2% peracetic acid solution or disinfectant solution containing 500g/l effective chlorine once at work. 3、 Disinfection of industrial washing machines:
After industrial washing machines wash clothes, especially clothes and quilts that may be infectious, they should be disinfected with hot water or disinfectant above 90 ℃. 4、 Sanitation of laundry personnel:
Laundry staff must wash their hands with soap and running water before and after work, especially after handling contaminated or infectious clothes. Even if they wear gloves, they should wash their hands with running water after work. Staff in the polluted area should wear work clothes when working, take off their work clothes after work, and change their work clothes once a day. Do not engage in ironing and folding clothes and quilts when suffering from suppurative skin diseases.
Operating procedures and precautions of dryer
1、 Operating procedures:
1. Open the machine door, input the dehydrated linen and close the machine door. 2. Close the current switch. 3. Tell the remote controller to set the working time, and the drum starts to run. 4. Turn on the fan switch. 5. Turn on the electric heater, select the required temperature, and turn on the steam to input steam. 6. After the work, the main power supply must be cut off before opening the door to take and place the washing materials. It is strictly prohibited to open the door to take and place the washing materials when the drum is running to avoid injury. 2、 Precautions:
1. The shell of the machine shall be kept clean and often wiped with a soft return wire. It is strictly forbidden to touch the shell with bare and hard objects. 2. Remove the lint in the dust collection box several times per shift to ensure good ventilation. 3. Keep good lubrication, and add grease to the main and auxiliary bearings once every half a year or so. Operating procedures and precautions of scalding dryer
The operation of the scalding dryer is very simple. It is mainly to turn on the power to start the unit, adjust the speed and input steam. Precautions:
1. Before startup, the voltage and air pressure are too high and too low, so the machine cannot be started.
2. Don’t start the machine when you want to load the tape.
3. Do not open the door when using, because there is power supply and mechanical transmission inside, which is easy to cause casualties.
4. Do not pull your clothes or hands into the roller during operation.
5. Cut off the power supply during maintenance.
6. When washing the ironing machine, do not open the inlet valve too large at once. First, slightly open the stop valve on the steam pipe until you hear the steam flowing into the pipe. Then keep the air pressure up to about 0.18 MPa, and the door can be opened to the working pressure. Not more than 0.5 MPa. 7. In case of damage or blockage of the burning materials exceeding the drum, the machine shall be shut down and the power shall be cut off. It is not allowed to remove the stuck burning materials when the machine is running. At the same time, it should be noted that the thickness of the hot roller is very high, and safety protection should be done well.
Safe operation rules and equipment maintenance system for laundry machines
(1) Laundry equipment shall be operated by laundry technicians, and other personnel shall not use it; Operate in strict accordance with the regulations. It is strictly forbidden to operate against rules or operate under overload of equipment; The equipment shall be wiped frequently to keep it clean and free of dust. (2) Before operation, the machine and electrical facilities must be checked to see whether the screws are loose, whether the systems of each group are in good condition and whether the safety protection facilities are placed in good condition; In case of failure or parts damage, repair and replace them in time. (3) In case of abnormal sound, odor or abnormal operation, stop the machine immediately for maintenance. It is strictly prohibited to operate the equipment with faults; The transmission device shall be injected with lubricating oil every three months, and shall be maintained and overhauled every six months and throughout the year. (4) Laundry equipment maintainers shall not leave their posts without authorization. In case of safety accidents, they shall deal with them in time; In the washing process, the technical personnel shall strictly control and do a good job in command; Cut off all power and water valves, close doors and windows, and do a good job of fire prevention, theft prevention and damage prevention before going off duty. Laundry safety and fire prevention system
(1) Everyone should keep the fire alarm number in mind and call the police in case of fire danger and fire; Smoking is strictly prohibited during working hours, and it is strictly prohibited to pull temporary wires privately; Ensure that everyone knows the switch position of the equipment, and switch off the power in case of emergency. (2) Know the position of the main switch of power supply and water source, be calm in case of danger, take measures in time, strengthen the inspection of potential safety hazards in the laundry, and deal with exposed wires in time if found; Do not store inflammables and explosives under the switch. Do not stack any articles when people walk through the switch to ensure that the fire passage is unblocked

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    Wuhu Pono Plastics Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and exporting laundry trolleys and insulation box(can).We have own factory and Warehouse located in Anhui city. Welcome to visit our factory.

    2. What is the warranty for your laundry trolleys?

    2 years not include the wheels, the wheels are one year(not include man-made damage)

    3.What’s your main products?

    Plastic laundry trolleys,laundry cage trolleys, insulationbox(can).We can supply the latest designs or customized products.

    Specializing in the rotational molding items.

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    30pcs. If customers order too less, it not cost effective for both of us as need ship by sea. The shipping fees are high.

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    Sure. Both are warmly welcomed.

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    At the moment, our main export markets are Southeast Asia,Europe, USA, Mid-East etc.

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    Shanghai or Ningbo port, or China main port.

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