New arrival square plastic laundry cage trolley with high quality from China professional plastic manufacturer

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New arrival square plastic laundry cage trolley with high quality from China professional plastic manufacturer

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New arrival square plastic laundry cage trolley with high quality from China professional plastic manufacturer


Material   Virgin Polyethylene(PE)
Size    41.34″(L)*27.56″(W) *32.28″(H)
Usage   laundry center,hospital,school, hotel etc
Caster   Four of 5 inch strong casters, two fixed and two swivel.
OEM&ODM   Available
Caster Size   127mm
Craft   Rotational molding
Color   Yellow, Blue or as per customers’ requirement
Net weight   22kg
Load capacity   300kg
Capacity   450L

Sample laundry management system
1、 Management system for safe operation of machines in laundry
1. Before switching on the power supply, check whether there is leakage at the electrical appliance or the electrical part of the machine
2. If yes, the machine shall be tested first to determine whether the machine can be used normally
3. During the operation of the machine, the staff shall not leave the post, and pay attention to the operation at any time to prevent accidental injury, personal injury or equipment damage
4. When using all kinds of ironing machines, you should concentrate, do not chat with others, and strictly follow the operating procedures to prevent public injury accidents
5. When using an electric iron, people should leave and the power supply should be cut off at any time to prevent fire or other accidents
6. In case of any failure of machinery and equipment or other unsafe hidden dangers during work, it shall be reported to the laundry supervisor immediately
7. When the work is finished, turn off the machine power switch and the main power switch. In case of special circumstances, the linen and clothes that cannot be washed on the same day should be placed away from the power supply to keep them ventilated and clean
8. All machinery and equipment shall be operated and maintained according to the specified procedures
2、 Laundry equipment maintenance management system
1. The appearance of all machinery and equipment shall be cleaned every day
2. The feeder of water washer, the dust box of dryer, the bottom of electric iron and the button filter of dry cleaner shall be cleaned every day
3. All parts inside the machine that can be cleaned shall be as clean as the surface and free of dust, oil stain and sundries
4. The ground around the machine is clean and no other objects are stacked within one meter
5. Only the surface of the electrical parts shall be cleaned, and the interior shall not be moved to prevent danger
6. Accessories to be replaced, such as. When the clothes clip machine, universal ironing machine, shirt ironing machine and portrait cover are worn out, they should be replaced in time.
7. The engineering department shall be responsible for equipment maintenance, overhaul and maintenance, replacement of vulnerable parts, refueling of machine parts, etc
8. The foreman or supervisor shall supervise and urge the employees to complete the maintenance of equipment, and conduct random inspection from time to time
3、 Laundry fire management system
1. Take good care of fire-fighting equipment and report problems in time
2. After using electric iron and steam iron, ironers should cut off power and air supply immediately
3. The laundry staff shall patrol the area under their jurisdiction before work to ensure that the electricity and air brakes are closed and the doors are locked
4. No one is allowed to smoke in the work area
5. Report any unsafe hidden danger in time
6. All trucks and shelves shall not block the staff passage and safety passage, so as to evacuate in time in case of emergency
7. It is forbidden to place cotton fabric cart and sundries in front of the fire hydrant
4、 Dry cleaning operation safety management system
1. Dry cleaning oil is volatile and its steam is toxic. Solid requirements:
a. Dry cleaners should wear filter gas masks when opening the door to put in or take out clothes
b. Wear gas masks and rubber gloves during daily cleaning of dry cleaning oil circuits such as button collectors and cotton dust collectors
c. Clothes taken out from the dry cleaning machine should be placed in a well ventilated place for cooling before ironing to dissipate a large amount of dry cleaning oil steam
2. Once a small amount of dry cleaning oil enters the eyes, immediately flush them with a large amount of water for about minutes, and send them to the hospital for treatment in time
5、 Uniform management system
1. The hotel provides each employee with two sets of uniforms, one for use by the employee and the other for safekeeping by the uniform warehouse
2. The uniform is changed and washed in a “dirty for clean” way
3. Uniforms must not be lent privately
4. Each employee is responsible for keeping the uniform properly and shall not make changes without permission
5. If the uniform is seriously damaged (unable to be mended) or lost due to negligence, the employee will make compensation according to the actual situation, and the money will be deducted from the salary
6. Uniforms can only be used during working hours and must not be worn out of the hotel
7. Long skirts and cheongsam shall be folded neatly when they are put into the locker, and the outer coat, shirt, vest and trousers shall be hung on the hanger
8. During holidays or business trips, employees must hand over their uniforms to the uniform warehouse for safekeeping
9. In case of natural damage to uniforms, employees shall timely hand them over to the uniform warehouse for mending
10. Employees should wash their uniforms in time to keep them clean; The management personnel of each department shall regularly check whether the uniforms of employees meet the requirements, and take this as part of the work evaluation.
11. When handling the resignation procedures, employees must return their uniforms and sign by the laundry supervisor.

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  • 1.Are you a factory or trading company?
    Wuhu Pono Plastics Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and exporting laundry trolleys and insulation box(can).We have own factory and Warehouse located in Anhui city. Welcome to visit our factory.

    2. What is the warranty for your laundry trolleys?

    2 years not include the wheels, the wheels are one year(not include man-made damage)

    3.What’s your main products?

    Plastic laundry trolleys,laundry cage trolleys, insulationbox(can).We can supply the latest designs or customized products.

    Specializing in the rotational molding items.

    4.What are your MOQ?
    30pcs. If customers order too less, it not cost effective for both of us as need ship by sea. The shipping fees are high.

    5.Do you accept the OEM or Custom Design order?
    Sure. Both are warmly welcomed.

    6.Which country is your main export country?
    At the moment, our main export markets are Southeast Asia,Europe, USA, Mid-East etc.

    7.Where is your loading port?
    Shanghai or Ningbo port, or China main port.

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    1)Start online TM or inquiry, will be in touch within one working day.
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